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Just like staying with good friends – everything has been planned around your stay. It does not matter what time you arrive and how long you stay there will always be something appropriate whether it is breakfast, morning coffee and cakes, pre lunch cocktails, lunch, afternoon tea, cocktails or dinner and a night cap.

Like a private house, if there is something you like whether it is a Pimms by the pool or a cup of cocoa by your bedside it can be arranged with a smile.

Our ‘pamperers' are  well practiced at caring for ‘weary’ travellers and will soon have you in the mood to enjoy all the carefully thought out facilities that The Oyster Bay has to offer. There are no ‘rules’ in this house, feel at home, and join in with the other ‘friends’ who are passing through.

For those arriving on late flights, don’t worry you will not arrive to find all the lights out and the kitchen closed – fancy some cold lobster and a glass of fizz before bed? – now that sounds like The Oyster Bay and for those having to get up for a ridiculously early check in at the airport – well don’t worry – we do the worrying for you, your driver will be waiting and we will make sure you have what you feel like at such an early hour – Oh! Lobster and fizz it is then!

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