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As with everything else at The Oyster Bay, even the garden has been professionally landscaped. What was once a ‘jungle’ of bamboo, ponds, fountains and cascades with the odd eccentric sculpture of bicycle wheels, and even a VW Beetle on top of a pole  has been transformed, by Jo Mayers our landscaper, into a clean and crisp green and white ‘statement’ of contemporary garden design to complement our chic interiors.

Of course it would be folly to remove the giant palms, figs and flamboyant trees that are the heart of this mature garden, as they make their own statement and in fact ‘anchor’ our modern garden to its tropical surroundings.

The accent is on cool white flowers with wonderful frangipane trees, tuber roses and white bougainvillea contrasting with lush and spiky leaf forms of Elephant Ears, Screw Pines and Mondo Grass. And not to forget our ‘past follies’ there is even the odd metal ‘sculpture’ to excite and perhaps provoke a response.

But this is a garden to enjoy, so lots of shady deck space, reclining chairs on the sun deck and for the energetic – a lap pool – so go on – show us your strokes!

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